Public/Private Partnership Committee

Committee Chair: VACANT

The Keystone Emergency Management Agency recognizes that the livelihood of the business community is essential to the socio-economic survival of the Commonwealth. Past disasters have taught the emergency management community the benefit of private sector assistance with the response and recovery from disasters. Similarly, the private sector recognizes the importance of government response to quickly recovering their organization from a disaster with minimal disruption to business operations. Forming an alliance between the public and private sectors to meet these challenges is the basis to forming the KEMA Public / Private Partnership Committee.  The committee is in place to form a bridge between the public and private sectors in the Commonwealth to help emergency responders and businesses better prepare for, respond to and recover from all disasters. This would include coordination of emergency plans, collaboration on proposed federal and Commonwealth legislation and policies of mutual interest, coordination of training and education, exercises and other initiatives geared at improving the overall business community disaster preparedness program.