• President - Roy Shipley, rshipley@fcema.org
  • Vice President - Todd Lake, tlake@warren-county.net
  • Treasurer - Tony Przychodzien, tprzychodzien@chesco.org
  • Secretary (Interim) - David Bjorkman, dbjorkman@saviorassociates.com
  • Immediate Past President - Wes Hill, whill@beavercountypa.gov
  • Eastern Area President - Chris Post, cpost@northampton.edu
  • Eastern Area Director - Michael Hochhaus, mhochhaus@verizon.net
  • Central Area President - Jerry McAteer, kemacentral@kema-pa.org
  • Central Area Director - Tony Subbio, tonysubbio@tetratech.com
  • Western Area President - Matthew Exley, kemawestern@kema-pa.org
  • Western Area Director - Greg Zimmerman, GZimmerman@indianacounty.org
  • PEMA Liaison Officer - Angel Gillette, agillette@pa.gov
  • Ex-Officio - John Conklin, johnconklincem@gmail.com

The officers of the association shall consist of a President, Vice President, Eastern Area President, Central Area President, Western Area President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the Immediate Past President.

One PEMA staff member shall serve on the Executive Board as a liaison between the agency and the Association... (Article VI of the Bylaws titled Officers).  The KEMA Executive Board shall consist of the President, the Vice President, three (3) Area Presidents, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the immediate Past President and three (3) Directors who shall be nominated and elected by the membership. (Article VIII of the Bylaws titled Executive Board).


​  Keystone Emergency Management Association