Membership Committee

Membership Committee:

  - David Bjorkman - Membership Manager,

  - Tony Przychodzien – Treasurer,

The Membership Committee seeks to increase and enhance the overall membership of the Keystone Emergency Management Association.  Committee members will analyze membership trends, assist in the development of recruitment campaigns, and actively promote the Association by educating prospective members on the significant role KEMA plays in furthering effective Emergency Management in Pennsylvania.

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If your organization is interested in learning more about the benefits of KEMA membership or if you are interested in having a representative speak to your group about the benefits of joining the Keystone Emergency Management Association, please contact one of the membership representatives listed above.  In addition, please contact the Membership Committee Chair if you are interested in serving on KEMA's Membership Committee.  Committee members represent the association at various events and are able to provide presentations on the benefits of joining the Association.



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