KEMA Membership:

KEMA provides a state-wide forum for the exchange of ideas, techniques, and best practices in Emergency Management. If you are an emergency management professional looking to expand your network by connecting with colleagues, seeking information on the issues concerning your area, or looking to further increase your knowledge of the field, then consider becoming a member of KEMA today! Membership is open to all Emergency Management and public safety professionals in local, state, or federal government, non-profit or voluntary organizations, private sector, or to any individual interested in gaining an understanding of comprehensive emergency management in the Commonwealth. The KEMA membership year runs from January 1 - December 31.

Membership Categories:

(1) Regular - Regular membership is accorded to an individual in good standing who meets eligibility criteria. Regular members may hold office, are entitled to one vote and are subject to dues of $30.00 per membership year.

(2) Honorary - Honorary membership shall be accorded to those individuals so recognized by a majority vote of the Executive Board in recognition of outstanding contributions to the Association.  Honorary members may hold office and are entitled to one vote; they are not subject to the requirement of annual dues.

(3) Student – Student membership is available to any student enrolled in an accredited Emergency Management degree program. Student members may not hold office, are entitled to one vote, and are subject to dues of $15.00 per membership year.   

(4) Affiliate – Affiliate membership is open to any industry, business firm or organization that provides products, services or other resources which support KEMA and its members. Affiliate membership is accorded to a business or industry in good standing that meets eligibility criteria. Affiliate members are not eligible to vote or hold office. The cost for Affiliate Membership is $120 per membership year.

(5) Organizational – Organizational membership is open to any political subdivision of the Commonwealth and shall permit the organizational member to name up to 5 individuals who shall have the rights of a regular member for the period of the organization’s membership. The organization may in writing replace individuals during the membership period. The cost for Organizational Membership is $120 per membership year.

Membership Application: Membership Brochure

Membership Benefits:

(1) Access to Pennsylvania’s broad network of Emergency Management professionals and subject matter experts capable of providing guidance on a variety of topics.
(2) Networking opportunities with local, state, and federal officials.
(3) Access to the annual conference and training summits.
(4) Voting and nomination privileges—KEMA encourages members to be active in the decision making process.
(5) Growth and development opportunities: members are offered the opportunity to serve on various committees. KEMA fulfills its mission through the work of these committees.
(6) Updates on pending legislation and opportunities to provide input on changes to the state Emergency Management Certification Program.
(7) Mentoring opportunities, prospective employment opportunities, potential for collaborative partnerships and numerous other opportunities.

For membership information, contact: David Bjorkman