Awards Committee

Committee Chair: VACANT

The Keystone Emergency Management Association (KEMA) Awards Program is designed to recognize individuals or entities who have embraced the mission of the Keystone Emergency Management Association. The purpose of each award is to recognize exemplary performance in the award category. The award definition for “Exemplary” is as follows: the nominee has demonstrated a level of excellence or achievement that is above and beyond what is considered the normal of duties of the candidate. All awards are based on outstanding accomplishments, innovative concepts, creative approaches, professionalism and/or community impact.

All award nominations should provide an articulated representation of the candidate’s efforts, accomplishments and/or achievements by providing specific, verifiable details that demonstrate exemplary service in the award category. The Awards Committee will evaluate the nominations and determine if the document provided supports the appropriate award. If in the opinion of the Awards Committee, an award category receives no nominations which meet this standard, they may recommend that no award be presented for this category. No single individual is eligible to receive more than one award in a single award year.